The Best Summer Quilt Kits: 9 Kits You Will Love

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It’s officially summer, which means that quilt time is upon us! Whether you’re a beginner quilter or an experienced one, choosing the right quilt kit can be tricky. So to make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best summer quilt kits out there. From patchwork kits to pieced quilt kits, we’ve got you covered. Just choose the one that best suits your needs and start quilting!

How to make a perfect summer quilt

Summertime is the perfect time to get creative with your quilt top. You can go for a rustic look by adding borders, appliques, or other embellishments. There are many different types of quilts to choose from, so find the one that you love and want to make.

As with any quilt project, it’s a good idea to choose a batting and fabric sample before starting. This way, you’ll have an idea of what will look best. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, go for a quilt that’s more than just a colorful bedspread – go for something that has a unique and stylish design. So summertime – go quilt crazy!

What Is A Quilt Kit?

A quilt kit is a pre-packaged set of fabric and other materials needed to complete a quilt project. Kits typically include the pattern, batting (the insulating layer between the top and bottom fabrics), backing fabric, and binding (the strip of fabric used to finish the raw edges of the quilt).

What Is A Quilt Kit

Some kits also come with precut fabric pieces, which can save a lot of time. They are perfect for beginner quilters and experienced quilters short on time. Make sure to checkout our best beginner quilt kits for some great options.

How To Choose The Best Summer Quilt Kit

Summer is the perfect time to quilt. And what better way to get started than by choosing the best summer quilt kit? There are so many options out there, from patchwork quilts to geometric quilts so be sure to read reviews before making a purchase. Consider your budget, and choose a quilt kit that is comfortable and stylish for your space.

How To Choose The Best Summer Quilt Kit

Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional or contemporary quilt, look for kits that come with all the materials you need. And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider a quilt that’s a little more challenging. You won’t regret it!

Read reviews and compare prices before making a purchase

The internet is a great resource for finding the best summer quilt kit. Read reviews and compare prices before making a purchase. There are many different types of kits available, so find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Heart of Summer Quilt Kit
as of August 27, 2022 4:15 am

There are many quilt kits available, but they are not all the same quality. Use guides and other reviews to help ensure you get the best quality product for your money. With the right quilt kit, you’ll be able to create a beautiful summertime quilt that will last for years to come!

Consider the Fabric

For a summer quilt, you will want a light fabric material such as organic cotton to ensure a lightweight quilt for your finished product. This is due to during the warmer months, a material like flannel can be too hot during warm months. Be sure the fabric is also pre-washed to avoid any shrinking once you begin your quilt project!

In addition to lightweight, I prefer to look for a soft fabric with minimal texture for my summer quilts. This extra softness adds an extra layer of breathability and comfort for a quilt that is the perfect weight and provides better sleep.

Size Matters

Think about what size quilt you want and need. A larger quilt will take more time to put together, but a smaller quilt may not provide enough coverage for your bed. If you are unsure, consider making a baby quilt or a lap quilt that can easily be used for other purposes like picnics or taking to the beach!

Reversible Quilt

A reversible quilt will give you two quilts in one! This is perfect for summer because you can have one side that is a floral print and the other a solid color. This way, you can change up the look of your room without having to make an entirely new quilt. Simply flip it over to the other side when you want a different look.

Choose a quilt style that best suits your needs

When it comes to selecting the right quilt style, there are a few things you need to take into account. First and foremost, make sure that the quilt kit you choose is compatible with your needs – storage space requirement, ease of assembly/disassembly etcetera.

Day at The Beach Quilt Kit by Fat Quarterly
as of August 27, 2022 4:15 am

Second is the size and weight of the quilt – if you’re planning on taking it travelling frequently then go for a lightweight option; alternatively, if space isn’t an issue then go for a bigger one. There are countless quilt styles out there but don’t forget to consider what type of fabric you want to use!

Maybe traditional cotton prints with intricate stitching or something more modern quilt set like digital print fabrics that offer more style for the home interior designer. Once all these details have been sorted out, simply pick up some fabric samples and get started!

Compare the features of each kit

When it comes to choosing the right quilt kit, there are a lot of factors to consider. Price is definitely one of them, but it’s not the only thing that you should take into account. You also need to decide what style or pattern you want your quilting project to look like, as well as how large and detailed you want your finished product to be.

Additionally, some kits come with precut fabric pieces that make assembly a breeze. If you’re someone who loves a challenge, then go for a more traditional kit that requires you to cut the fabric yourself. However, if you’re looking for a quicker project, then opt for a kit with precut pieces.

Once all this information is within reach, it’s time to start comparing kits! Reading customer reviews will help you make an informed decision about which one suits your needs best. Once you have narrowed down your options, order the kit online and enjoy its arrival!

Extra Material Available for Projects such as Matching Shams

You may also be interested if the fabric in the kit is available separately. I often purchase additional matching fabric when getting a new quilt kit. This allows me to create matching shams or add an accent to my top sheet. According to my interior designer friend, Having the matching color options to your blanket or comforters is a great way to achieve a pulled together look in your bedroom.

If you are new to sewing, you can use our tutorial on how to make a pillowcase to create one or two matching shams with the same color options as a fun side project to your lightweight quilt!

With all these factors in mind, you’re now ready to choose the best summer quilt kit for your needs! There are so many different options available on the market, but with a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. Sewing a quilt is a fun and rewarding

Understand your needs

When choosing a quilt kit, it is important to understand your needs first. Will you be using the quilt kit outdoors or indoors? Will it be used year round or only during the summer months? Does it need to match other bedding in your bedroom? Once you have answered these questions, it’s time to compare prices and read reviews. It is also essential to consider quality, size, and durability of the materials before making your purchase!

9 Best Summer Quilt Kits to Make This Summer

When we think of quilts, we often picture winter time and curled up with a blanket next to a cozy fire. Although this is fantastic, summer quilting can be as enjoyable as quilting in the winter. Summertime is the perfect time to quilt! And what better way to quilt than with a kit?

Best Summer Quilt Kits to Make This Summer

Kits come with everything you need to make your quilt, including batting and thread, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and designs that are perfect for summertime. Some kits are designed specifically for summertime, while others work well all year round. So, which is the best summer quilt kit for you? Read on to find out!

Heart of Summer Quilt Kit

Heart of Summer Quilt Kit
as of August 27, 2022 4:15 am

Looking for a quilt that’s both easy to make and visually stunning? Look no further than the Heart of Summer Quilt Kit. This quilt comes with everything you need to whip up a beautiful piece of art including quality cotton fabric, backing and batting.

The finished quilt measures 28 x 28 and soft cotton has a nice finished texture to the bedding fabric. In addition to the red color, it does come in other options for color choices. The only downside is I wish it was a bit larger. Overall one of the best overall pick for a quality lightweight quilt that is beautiful and easy to stitch.

Plus, it’s tough enough to withstand the elements but still looks delicate enough to be displayed indoors. Created specifically for lovers of nature, this quilting kit is perfect for anyone who wants something special on their bed or couch- whether they’re out hiking in the woods or simply enjoying some sun by the pool. So why not give it a try today? You won’t regret it!

The Beach Quilt Kit

Day at The Beach Quilt Kit by Fat Quarterly
as of August 27, 2022 4:15 am

The Beach Quilt Kit is the perfect quilt for summer days spent at the beach. It’s soft and warm, making it perfect to wear on a hot day. Plus, its bright colors will make you feel happy and excited – just like being at the beach!

The quilt measure 48 x 52 and include cotton fabric for the quilt top. Backing and batting need to be purchased separate. The blanket is light enough to be used on hot days but still has enough density to be cozy during the winter months. Since it is cotton, care instructions are simple as it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

This quilt is easy to make – in just a short time you’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork finished. Not to mention, it’s high-quality so you can be sure that it will last years

KimberBell Red, White & Bloom Kit

KimberBell Red, White & Bloom
as of August 27, 2022 4:15 am

Looking for a summer gift that is sure to please? Why not consider getting the KimberBell Red, White & Bloom Quilt Kit! This quilt kit comes with everything you need to make it – batting, binding, pattern and instructions.

Quilting Tip: Always make sure to use your quilting iron to press fabric prior to stitching. This will ensure that your quilt is smooth and free of wrinkles.

The finished blanket measures 48 x 48. Plus, its 100% cotton fabric makes it easy to care for – just machine wash it according to the instructions provided. This quilt will be a beautiful addition to any room in your home this season or can simply be used as an extra blanket in the bedroom! So why wait? Order yours today!

Gingham Garden Patchwork Quilts Kit

Gingham Garden Quilt Kit

If you’re looking for a quilt kit that is both stylish and easy to put together, then the Gingham Garden Quilt Kit is perfect for you!

The quilt top measures 70″ x 89.5″ and matching backing can be purchased separately.

This quilt comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Plus, it’s great for summer weddings or backyard gatherings – your guests will love its bright and cheerful colors!

Kaleidoscope Lap Quilt Kit

Kaleidoscope Lap Quilt Kit

Are you looking for the best quilts that will add some extra zing to your summertime decor? Then check out the Kaleidoscope Lap Quilt Kit! This quilt is made up of colorful and eye-catching designs, that goes well with a variety of neutral colors making it perfect for any room in the house.

The Quilt Kit contains 1.5″ half square triangle paper, 1.5″ x 3″ flying geese foundation paper and Bee Cross Stitch fabrics. The finished blanket is 72.5″ x 72.5″. 

This quilt is perfect for anyone who loves bright colors and patterns. So why not add it to your summer decor today? You won’t be disappointed!

Lemur Summer Quilt Kit

Lemur Quilt Kit

The Lana Lemur Summer Quilt Kit is the perfect quilt kit for beginners. It’s easy to follow and comes with step-by-step instructions, so you’ll be up and quilting in no time at all! The vibrant colors of this quilt set make it a great addition to any room and the quilt itself is very comfortable to sleep on -perfect for long days spent stitching.

The finished product is 64″ x 76″ making it perfect for bedding and how could sleeping under these cute lemurs of the quilt set not result in better sleep! If you are new to quilting, make sure to see our how to add boarders on a quilt prior to tackling this quilt as the binding is wonderful.

Rain or Shine Quilt Kit

Rain or Shine Quilt Kit

Looking for a quilt kit that can handle any weather condition? Check out the Rain or Shine Quilt Kit! This easy to follow tutorial comes with instructions and all the supplies you need to get started, including fabric and patterns. Backing and polyester batting is not included although the organic cotton is very high quality. I hand stitched this cotton quilt as I wanted to add some additional stitching to make the finished quilted product even better.

Whether you are a beginner or have some sewing experience, this is definitely a cotton quilt option worth considering for your bedding. You can use it indoors on a bed or in any room in the house – making it perfect for a summer homeaway!

Kitchen Tablerunner Kit

Cozy Kitchen Tablerunner Kit

Do you have a summer party coming up and want to do something special? Why not try out a kitchen tablerunner kit! This cozy quilt kit comes with everything you need to make a beautiful and unique tablerunner for your next party. The finished product measures 24.5″ x 68″ and is perfect for dressing up any table and has a nice texture that is soft and inviting.

The design is perfect for everything from interior design to bake sales at a company store. One of the best quilted table runner kits I have used with a summer theme.

This quilt kit is also great for beginners as it comes with easy to follow instructions. Plus, it’s a fun project to work on with friends or family.

So if you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to dress up your table, then this is the quilt kit for you!

Apple Cider Quilt Kit

Apple Cider Quilt Kit

There is nothing quite like spending a summer day quilting. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, there are many different quilt kits available to choose from. In fact, if you’re not sure what kind of kit would be perfect for you, why not try out some of the popular options?

For example, the apple cider quilt kit is perfect for people who love summer and winter too – it features beautiful hand stitched patterns and once complete, measures 60 x 70. Please do not the summer quilt pattern is not included and needs added separately. Overall, one of the best quilts for summer to use indoors or as picnic blankets for summer time fun,

Best Fabric for a Summer Quilt

Summer is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a good quilt and some great company. Whether you’re a beginner or a quilt veteran, there are a variety of quilt kits to choose from this season. Below are some common fabrics I search for in the best quilts for summer.

Best Fabric for a Summer Quilt


This is the go to fabric for many of my quilts. Cotton is a natural fiber that is soft, breathable and easy to work with. It’s also very affordable which makes it a great option for people who are just starting out in quilting.


Linen is another popular choice for summer quilts. It’s made from flax fibers and is very strong and durable. Linen is also a great choice for people who are looking for a bedding quilt that will last for years to come and is as functional as beautiful on the bed


Wool is a great choice for summer quilts as it’s breathable and has natural insulating properties for bedding. It’s also very easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried on a low setting.


Silk is a luxurious choice for summer quilts and is often used as an accent fabric in patchwork quilts. It’s important to note that silk can be very delicate so it’s important to follow the care instructions carefully.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is very strong and durable. It’s also very affordable and easy to care for which makes it a great choice for summer quilts and bedding.

Hemp Fabric

Looking for a versatile and stylish fabric that is comfortable to wear? Check out hemp! Hemp fabric comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it perfect for summer quilts. It also dries quickly so you can put it away safely after each use. Machine-washable and wrinkle-free, this cotton/hemp blend makes your quilt look great no matter where you place it.

Best Quilt Patterns for Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to get creative and quilt! There are many great quilt patterns for summer, so it’s important to choose the right one. Some popular quilt patterns this summer include the log cabin and stars and stripes.

Best Quilt Patterns for Summer

If you’re new to quilting, try a pattern that has easy instructions before branching out into more complex designs. Quilt kits can be a great way to start learning how to sew, or they can be a gift for someone special! No matter which quilt pattern you choose, make sure to have all the materials you need on hand, because quilting can be a fun and rewarding project!

About Stitching for Quilts

If you are new to quilting, take some time to learn some basic sewing stitches. These will help you put your quilt together and make it look professional. The most popular stitches for quilts are the half-stitch, the running stitch, and the whip stitch.

After you master the basics of stitching, consider expanding your skills by learning how to applique on a quilt. Applique is a great way to add interest and dimension to your quilt. You can find applique patterns in many quilting books or online.

Hand Stitched vs Machine Stitched

The debate between hand stitched and machine stitched quilts is one that has been around for years. Some people prefer the look of hand stitched quilts, while others find them too time-consuming. Machine stitched quilts are more popular because they are quicker to make by using a sewing machine, but some people find them less personal.

No matter which type of quilt you choose, make sure to enjoy the process and the finished product!

What type of quilt should I make?

Is there anything better than spending a summer day outdoors? Well, making a quilt may just top the list! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned quilter, there are plenty of great quilt kits to choose from this summer.

Some popular options include block-printed or woven fabrics, retro styles, and pop art prints. Plus, don’t forget to finish your quilt off with a stylish border or binding option. Below are some popular quilting techniques for summer quilting.

Modern Patchwork Quilt

There is no doubt that quilting is one of the most relaxing and calming hobbies out there. And if you’re looking for a new project to take on this summer, why not try modern quilts? Modern quilts come in many different styles and colors, making them perfect for any season. They are lightweight and airy, so they are great for hot summers days. Plus, they come with detailed instructions so that even beginners can create beautiful designs without any trouble at all!

Striped quilt kit

Striped quilt kits are a great way to get started with quilting. They are easy to sew and don’t require any special skills, making them perfect for beginners. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so you can create the quilt of your dreams!

Floral quilt kit

Looking for a unique quilt to display in your home? Why not consider a floral kit? These kits come with all the materials needed so you can sew or craft it yourself. There are many different designs and colors to choose from, making it easy to find one that perfectly matches your personality and style.

Geometric quilt kit

If you are looking for a creative and unique way to decorate your home, geometric quilts might just be the perfect option for you! These quilts come in many different designs and colors, making them perfect for any season. You can even make it with a variety of materials like cotton, linen or wool – giving you lots of options to choose from.

Summer, Kids and Quilt Kits

If you are looking for a perfect summer activity for your kids this summer, look no further than quilt kits! These kits come with all the materials and instructions needed to make a beautiful quilt. Plus, they are easy to sew so even beginners can create stunning designs. There are many different colors and styles to choose from, making it easy to find one that perfectly matches your child’s personality. Break out your childrens sewing machine out of storage and start having some afternoon craft time.


Making a perfect summer quilt is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are many great quilt kits available on the market that you can choose from. However, to make the best decision, it’s important to take your time and choose the kit that is perfect for you. This article provides you with a list of 8 great options that you will love! So, what are you waiting for? Start quilting today and make the perfect summer quilt!

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